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BooK X:

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Power of Portable

BooK X

Great Performance

With Intel 6th Generation Processor and Graphics BooK X performance are just stunning. It's great for hard work, like Audio/Video processing. with everything optimized for macOS it works seamlessly and super stable.

macOS Portability allows Creativity

Having a computer running macOS with you all the time makes it easy to create media, write a code or even edit a soundtrack on the fly. This experience drive creativity so far.
The whole system is responsive and lets you just focus on the apps you use, without thinking about maintaining anything.

We support updates , too.

Every BooK X comes with a unique device code , when system updates are available you can check Radvy support page for instruction on how to install the update. We provide Everything you need to get BooK X to work after each update.
Great Battery Life
Up to 3 hrs of battery life on Book X. macOS
Latest macOS
Book X comes with Latest version of macOS Sierra pre-installed. macOS
Radvy Support Book X comes with a year of warranty on both Software & Hardware. Radvy Support
Dual Boot Book X allows you to Dual boot macOS + Windows / Linux. Dual Boot