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Some Frequent Q & A

What is Radvy support program ?

Radvy supportw is a support and repairing service for PC X, X Pro and Book X .
Every machine sold comes with a free year of full support

Does PC X, X Pro and Book X support Mac OS X system updates ?

Yes, as mentioned before every machines comes with a year of software and hardware support.
Mac OS X system updates are part of the software support.

What if i want to extend the support period ?

Support period can be extended by buying a support package during/at the end of the support plan.

What's your Tech support looks like ?

We work hard to provide the best support we can.
in Software
You can download our Support Application that matches your current OS X version .
This will help you fix almost any issue with your machine also it helps you get the machine working after every update .
in Hardware
Hardware parts like Motherboard, RAM, CPU and Graphics Card comes with a year of warranty .
In case of a hardware failure with one of the mentioned parts, we should be able to replace them for you from the manfucture .

Does any of your Desktop machines (PC X, X Pro) comes with a screen ?

No, our desktops are just the computers you bring the screen.

Can i contact you if i have a problem ?

Of course, Even if you don't we love hearing from our customers.
Whether it's a review, complain or advice We love chatting .
You can contact us here.

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