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X Pro:

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X Pro

This is what power means.

Creativity is being done here

X Pro uses a Z170 Chipset motherboard , this is a strong platform to build on top of. Intel 6th Generation CPUs . Support DDR4 RAM. Contains Quadruple RAM Sockets up to 64 GB of Ram . Supports USB 3.0. So Strong , Durable and yet pretty cool to look at ! It gives our system a great boost and allows us to make a 100% compatible macOS machine .

Designed for heavy duty Operations

X Pro have taking things into a whole new place . A place for hard core Professionals only. with the Latest 6th Generation intel Processors , we've changed everything . The Processing power and Speed is uncomparable with anything . You get the performance of Mac Pro. heavy operations on X Pro

Just Stunning Graphics

Graphics is Everything, it's the system being responsive and the apps being fast. Benchmarks and Tests Prove the Nvidia GTX Series Graphics to be a really stunning graphics chip. it does work with HDMI displays for Video/Audio output. It supports very fast FPS rate and extremely fast rendering in apps like Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, AfterEffect.
Beautifully designed case and Extremely durable.
We choose an elegant PC case to start in building X Pro in, it helps us reduce the noise coming out of the machine. X Pro case looks so cool, classy and Pro. We choose Cooler Master cases for its powerfull interior, hard exterior, and elegant design.
macOS Sierra
X Pro comes with latest version of macOS Sierra.
Radvy Support X Pro comes with a year of warranty on both Software & Hardware. Radvy Support
Many Configurtions We've made 3 Great Configuration of X Pro don't like them ? Make your configs X Pro Specs
SSD SSD insane performance , with an average of 500 MB/s Read and 300 MB/s Write. X Pro Specs
Dual Boot Book X allows you to Dual boot macOS + Windows / Linux. Dual Boot
Even more changes Our products are built upon the PC market hardware, just the best ones. This means it can be customized to your needs without even getting back to us. We love making customizable machines special for the Pro market, in X Pro it's even easier to add a piece of ram or an HDD, SSD to your machine. We have a much bigger space inside the case for HDDs/SSDs and we've got 4 Ram Slots. so it's pretty customizable.
Everything works! X Pro fully support macOS Sierra features .
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